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Robert E. Lee Goodwin III Provides Tips on How to Improve Teacher Motivation

Tips to improve teacher motivation

Professor Robert Goodwin III explains that teachers are the most priceless asset of a school. The success rate of the students and overall school culture depends on the teachers. Encouraging teacher motivation towards their jobs is important to the overall future of many young pupils.

For 100% productivity from the side of teachers, it is important that they feel intrinsically motivated towards their duty and students. 

Being a teacher calls for greater responsibility and challenging situations. Below are some of the most effective tips for keeping your teachers motivated to promote a positive school culture:

Encourage Them Publicly

One way of improving teacher motivation is to value them. Make them feel that they are appreciated and celebrated. You must encourage your teachers for their struggles, time and dedication. If one of your teachers is performing well, you should encourage him/her in front of all the staff members and the students.

“This will also encourage other teachers to perform better. The students will also acknowledge their teacher’s performance and will respect them. Make the teachers feel that their contribution either big or small towards the school matters.” Says Professor Robert Goodwin III.

Provide Them With Professional Development Opportunities 

To enhance the level of motivation among teachers, give them a chance to grow professionally. Allow them to participate in activities outside the school as well. Organize workshops and seminars for your teachers. Introduce them to new teaching techniques and strategies. 

This will help them grow as a better professional teacher. This will add experience to their teaching profile. You can also arrange motivational workshops for teachers. This can be an influential method to keep your teachers highly motivated. 

Ease Their Work By Providing Latest Tech-Gadgets

Professor Robert Goodwin III says in this era of technology, audio-visual aids, and online educational websites have reduced the burden on the shoulders of the teachers. By providing them the latest tech-aids in the classrooms can lead to an efficient mode of teaching. 

Ultimately, it will improve performance and teacher motivation in classroom settings. This unorthodox way of teaching will ease the teacher’s responsibility and makes the job appealing and engaging. 

Respect Them

Before being a teacher, they are humans. And every human has the right to be respected. Students, as well as other administrative staff, are obliged to respect the teachers. 

“Teachers are born-leaders and responsible for the prospective future of the students. They deserve respect and love from their students. Respect adds a sense of motivation in the mind and hearts of the teachers.” Stated Robert E. Lee Goodwin.

Pay Them Better

Money can be a good motivating factor for the teachers. Getting paid for your passion and dedication is a dream of every teacher. The salaries of the teachers should match the level of struggle and hard work they put into their jobs. By paying them a fair amount for their performance, they will feel motivated. 

You can also offer them small incentives and bonuses for their better performance. This can be a way of positive reinforcement to enhance teacher motivation. They will perform better when they know they will be receiving a bonus or a gift. 

Trust Their Abilities 

Robert E. Lee Goodwin’s final step to creating a positive school culture is to trust your teacher’s abilities. Every teacher has a unique way of teaching. As a school administrator, you must never doubt their abilities and teaching methods. Always trust them. You must only look for the results. But make the teachers feel free to teach them in their artistic ways. 

If you will doubt their skills as a teacher, it will highly demotivate them. If you trust them and provide opportunities to work in a healthy environment, they will feel motivated and satisfied in their jobs. 

These are some of the effective ways to ensure that your teachers are highly motivated. Respect and keep motivating them to establish a positive school culture. 

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